Thank you for your interest in the At The Desk Seated Posture class!  This class is for anyone who knows they want to work on their posture, especially if you sit for long periods of time, whether at a desk, in a car, or while gardening or sewing.  This class provides a good base for the more specific postural classes.

This is a 4.5-hour class, split into three sections.  In the first section we will discuss the following topics:

  • What is posture, and why should we care about it? (It’s not pulling your shoulders back!)
  • Feeling our postural muscles at work, an awareness exercise
  • How the breath mechanism works, and how to increase awareness and control over it
  • Target muscles in a seated position:  which need to get strong, and which need to get stretched
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • A look at your anatomy – bony structure and muscles, tendons, ligaments

On Day 2, we will discuss:

  • More about breathing mechanics and how to “stack your bones”
  • Learning about the postural muscles – how they are different from others
  • Identifying important postural muscles for sitting and standing posture
  • Practice activating the postural muscles versus other muscles
  • Discuss hip angle in a seated position

 On Day 3, we will discuss: 

  • Practice, practice, practice:  activating postural muscles, stretching overworked muscles
  • Understanding how the eyes affect balance and posture
  • Discuss ergonomics for specific student activities