"True strength is the balance between effort and letting go."

The yoga at Therapeutic Massage of Ocala is inspired by the Kripalu style - a focus on self-exploration and awareness, convergence of mind and body.  This style of yoga can be an excellent way to develop and maintain discipline and focus, or simply become more aware of what is happening in your mind and body.

Private Yoga Sessions in your home

Are you new to yoga?  Not comfortable in a class setting?  Want personalized attention for a specific issue?  Try some private sessions to get the most out of your experience with yoga:

  • No Pressure.  Whether you have been in classes where instructors have pressured you, or you simply feel pressure by how other people look in the class, a private session offers the opportunity for no pressure.
  • Know Yourself.  Classes are the most economical way to do effective yoga practice.  But the instructor in a group class can only explain so much while they are teaching.  Through private sessions, you can learn not only how to do yoga, but more importantly, you can explore what you do well, and where you need more practice or a different perspective.
  • Hands On.  In a private session, you will get more hands-on assistance and feedback from your instructor, which can help you learn postures, but also feel areas of tension and relaxation.
  • Create The SpaceIt can be hard to practice yoga at home by yourself.  Doing a series of private yoga sessions or a regular private session in your home can help create a "yoga space".  You can allow these private sessions to help you form a habit at home without an instructor.

60 minute session: $60

Create your own class:  if you don't want one-on-one, but you don't want to go to a class, make some room in your house for a small class for your family or friends!     

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